Reasons You Should Go

Really????  You need a reason to go to the reunion???

Okay, how about some of these:
  • You don’t know that many old people and are looking for company your own age
  • Your doctor wants to start you on Lipitor but you’ve heard good things about Crestor and you want to take an informal survey of users
  • To show off your new teeth
  • To show your spouse that you once had normal friends
  • You want to listen to music you actually know the words to
  • It may be the only night of the year other than New Year’s Eve when you stay up till midnight
  • You got divorced and want to see if your old flame is available
  • You hate Facebook and want to see people ITRW (in the real world!)
  • You LOVE Facebook but doubt that all of these people’s profile pictures are current
  • One of the classmates owes you money and you’re coming to collect
  • You’ve got nothing to prove
  • You have friends you miss and who miss you and you want to see them
  • You are WAY more interesting now than you ever were in high school
  • Half of the people there will look better than you but half will look worse!
  • You have grandkids and you’ve got their pictures!
  • You want to dance your feet off
  • You realize that we’re all getting older and that some of these people may not be around for the next reunion
  • You can UBER to and from the reunion so you can enjoy some liquid courage
  • Your memory isn’t getting any better so talking to people who remember the same stuff you do is a form of validation
  • You need a bunch of hugs!

Okay, no more excuses!  You have to come.  Look forward to seeing your there!!!