Crowdsource Photos

We are hoping to get pictures from every class for every elementary school and every junior high school that our alums attended.  Remember those class pictures with all of the bad haircuts and goofy smiles?  Yup, those are the ones we are talking about!

Got some good pictures of you and your friends when you were little?  We want those pics too!  How about something from your life after high school?  Maybe your wedding photo, a great vacation memory or your family holiday picture?  Of course, we want you to be in the picture!

Click on the Upload a File button at the top of this page to add your pictures.  Note:  You will get a confirmation that the photo was uploaded successfully, but you won’t be able to see it once it is uploaded, but they’ll store in our media file. 

We have some special plans for all of these pictures for the reunion.  Thanks for contributing to our shared memories.