Contact the Committee

The Committee

The following classmates have graciously donated their time, talents and money for our 40 year reunion:

Theresa (Bouressa) Oldeorp,  Rebecca (Laing) Sanders, Frank Lehane, Michelle (Mooneyham) Fountain, Gary Maag, Steel Morris, Shelly Munsell, Debbie Parent, Brenda (Silva) Upmeyer,  Renee (Stoltz) Smalley and Ron Upmeyer.

We Could Use Your Help

All of these classmates have donated many hours in the organizing of the reunion thus far, but we could still use some additional help. If you are interested in helping out with the reunion in any capacity, please email or call Michelle (Mooneyham) Fountain at her business Advanced Marine Power (949) 548-9791 and we will be happy to get you involved.